Sciatica Pain

Laser Surgery for Back Pain

Here’s what causes pain in your back, and how we help you get better.

Discs sit between your vertebrae so your spine can bend & flex. There’s a soft center, and a rubbery exterior.

Herniated discs happen when the soft nucleus pushes out and puts pressure on nerves, causing pain.

Our surgeon inserts a thin needle into the disruptive disc, and uses a laser to decompress the disc to relieve your pain.

Because it’s just a simple needle insertion there are many benefits to this option over traditional spinal surgery which may require cutting into the spinal disc, possible hardware installed into your spine, and long recovery periods. See how laser surgery can help your sciatica nerve pain today.

Customer Testimonials

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All the doctors there that I deal with are incredible. I’ve been with them since 2005. I had multiple injuries and had difficulty even walking. Now I’m walking 6 miles at a time...

how to buy prednisone Andrea McF. 5/6/2020

From the girls at the front desk to the doctors, x-ray tech's and schedulers ALL carefully listening to me, Gives me a rare feeling that someone really does care. Bravo and Thank Y'all for caring.

Frank P. 4/22/2020

Highly recommend Allspine! I had the laser back surgery done here and everyone was very professional and made sure I was comfortable! My back feels 100x better than it did before the surgery and I can't thank them enough!!!

Jasmine 9/10/19

Discs are cartilage between the bones and the back, and the disc herniation can cause pain by pinching nerves.

Laser is done under sterile conditions with or without anesthesia in the surgical suite.

So How is Laser Done?

It is an outpatient procedure and takes less than 2 hours, so you’ll be home in no time.

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Rezaiamiri

Dr. Rezaiamiri is an experienced spinal surgeon and one of few who can perform the new minimally invasive spinal fusion technique, XLIF. He is a Fellow Member of the American Board of Neurosurgery.

Dr. Friedman specializes in neurosurgery and has a special interest in spinal disorders including stenosis, herniated discs, and spinal tumors. He has over 30 years experience in neurosurgery.

Dr. Friedman

Dr. Troxler

Dr. Troxler is a physiatrist specializing in the management of complex spine & musculoskeletal conditions. He has special interest in the use & advancement of regenerative medicine modalities.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Back Pain

Avoid lumbar fusion and its complications while getting a better success rate.

The minimally invasive procedure provides a short recovery period for you.

There’s no hospital stay so our outpatient procedure is quick and easy.

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